Ministry on the Beach

Sometimes ministry takes place in an office, and it’s kind of boring.

Sometimes ministry takes place in the mountains and it’s chilly.

But sometimes ministry takes place at the beach, and it’s spectacular.


Josh was asked by a friend to perform his marriage. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be involved in the lives of a friend in this unique way. We are getting to know this sweet couple more and look forward to future times of conversation, about marriage, God and family, hope and change.


We travelled to Punta Centinela (a beach town) and were surprised by a little extra free time (thanks to the very relaxed and organized bride). Josh and I enjoyed the little gift by strolling along the beach, soaking up the welcome hot sun and taking a dip in the pool and the ocean.

photo copy 2

photo copyphoto copy 3The couple said their vows basking in the rays of the burning setting sun.


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