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Friends, we are so excited to announce that we are at 48% of the funds we need to go to Ecuador! We are just 2% away from being half way there- help us tip the scale! In the past 6 months we have raised over sixty thousand dollars; that covers our living expenses and our ministry expenses for one full year! We are so grateful to the many friends and family who have already shown their support so generously. If you have been considering a contribution, now is a great time to make a tax-deductible donation to support what we will be doing in Ecuador and to push us over the top. How great would it be to start the new year with less than half way to go?!
*The banner graphic above was designed for us by our “compadre” Fabian, in La Merced.
See? Things aren't as great when they are only halfway... ;)

See? Things aren’t as great when they are only halfway… 😉

P.S. Thanks to everyone who gave during our #GivingTuesday campaign- we gained a couple of new partners and some of our current supporters gave an additional donation! We are so thankful!

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One thought on “Help Us Tip The Scale!

  1. Erik and Kristina,
    Thank you for sending me the seed packet. I apologize for not replying sooner. Sally Hutchinson forwarded me your latest blog, and I went back and read all the past ones. I signed up to receive them myself.
    I am grateful to know your families (and you) for quite a while and pray that you will reach your support goal very soon. May God continue to bless your journey.
    Judy Duvall

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