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There is always more to learn.  Always.

New vocabulary words and nuances to the way that sentences are structured and when certain phrases are used.  More history to read and hear about and festivals and holidays to be experienced and shared.  More foods to try and art to be studied.  More indirect forms of communication to be understood and better ways to live and thrive in this place.

Learning of culture is never ending.  And while there are certainly times and moments when we feel comfortable and at home, we must continually be drawn back to the spot where we continue to learn what we do not yet know or understand.

It has been fun and interesting to take note of those things that we are picking up on this time around living in Ecuador that we did not notice before.  Perhaps, as with all learning, we have a good grasp on some of  the basics and so we are now ready to move to the next level, to understand more deeply, to pay attention in a new way.  I certainly think that is part of it.

However, I am also finding that just us being in a different stage of life as a family is opening us up to learning new and different things.  We have these big kids now!  And they are doing these normal, universal kid-experience things, like loosing their baby teeth, and we are learning new things!

Like about the Ratón Pérez!  Did you know that throughout most of the Spanish speaking world it is a mouse named Pérez who comes to bring a gift to children who have lost their teeth?  No fairy to be seen!  Didn’t learn that when we were here with babies in tow.

Sure, the fact that it is a mouse and not a fairy leaving my 6 year old a dollar under her pillow is not monumental.  But it served as a little reminder to be alert, be aware and continue to be excited about the new things that will be revealed as we continue to carve out our life in this place and with these people.  El Ratón Pérez – another little layer of story and culture and history awaiting us and inviting us into deeper understanding.

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