Gym Construction – April 2018 update

“What’s been happening on the gym construction this month,” you ask?

Lots. For starters, some frames are in the windows on the building part.

They made and installed trusses for the roof over the office and fitness room. Ron’s hoping to get that covered with roofing before we leave in June so as to protect those rooms from weather and leaves and such like.

This must be the best position to drill holes in the concrete block wall but it looks uncomfortable to me.

They made sure the whole floor was level, smooth and flatish before ordering the first concrete truck to come. Lots of dirt had to be added to the far end, and then spread around.

Finally the cement truck arrived, manouvered into position and began pouring out the “batter” to the floor.

And the guys got to work spreading it to all sides and corners of this section.\

The first batch made it just past the entryway. Now do you see why they didn’t put the roof on the whole wing section? The cement truck would not have fit under it!The team of guys finish smoothing out the first batch, and wait for the 2nd truck to arrive… and wait… and wait.

The 2nd truck finally arrived. If the first batch poured out like cake batter, the 2nd batch poured out like… oatmeal! Chunky and dry. They had to add lots and lots of water, and mix it up on the ground. Not wonderful.

This 2nd truck of concrete covered the remaining section inside the “gym” as well as the entryway.

The final step, as the floor is pretty much dry, they smoothed it all out with this nifty propeller cement smoother machine (not its real name — it’s a “power trowel” Say that 10 times fast!) borrowed from missionaries who build churches in Cameroon.

Part of it didn’t actually set until like 9 PM! The poor guys were working in the dark with just a single light bulb hanging over the work site. Hopefully next time the trucks will arrive in a more timely manner, and with more consistent concrete!

One strip done, 8 or so more to go!

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