Gym Roof Done and Celebrated!

The first week of March, the first side of the roof was almost completed.

First week of March

The 2nd week of March the other side of the roof was begun — notice you can see blue sky through the clear skylight roofing sheets.

2nd week of March

By the end of the 3rd week of March, the whole roof was up — all but the “wings” along the sides.

3rd week of March

The last week of March they attached the cap along the center line sealing the peak.

4th week of March

And finally, the last working day of March came the time to celebrate! What better way to celebrate a job well done than with a great meal. Mary (wife of foreman Johannes) cooked up a Cameroonian meal of chicken, fufu corn, and njama-njama.

Mary serving up a wonderful meal

It’s only fitting that the men who worked so hard to build this gym should be the first to use it for their celebration!

Bon Appetit! And thanks to God for keeping all the workers safe!

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