Raise the Trusses

January 3, 4 and 5 big progress happened on the gym construction. The biggest crate yet came to lift the trusses up on top of the support beams.

First one up closest to the building
2nd truss up

The workers on scaffolding helped the tabs fit into the slots like a giant erector set Ron used to play with as a kid. And then the welders went to work welding them in place.

Zacharie welds the truss to the beam

Once the 2nd truss was up, climbers attached angle iron cross bars to stabilize them.

Looking through the window of the future fitness room, see the climbers attach stabilizing bars.

In case you were worried, Ron did equip the climbers with harnesses and straps to secure them to the trusses while up there.

Ron tightens Godlove’s harness. Notice the pocket belt out tailor made for them to carry screws.

On the 2nd day the crane operator pulled the truss rather than lift it, causing it to break. That complicated things.

Broken truss on the right

It’s hard to see how it’s broken, but a closer look at the very top peak reveals a split

It’s not supposed to be split there

Unable to bypass this one leaving a gap, consequent trusses had to move up to a new position. So that meant having to spin one of them 180*

The next truss in line, perpendicular to the intended position as it’s spun around over the broken truss to take its place.

You’d be surprised how fragile these huge hunks of metal look suspended in the air, flexing and bending!

When all the trusses were up (except the broken one) on the 3rd day the climbers began to screw in purlins to which the roofing sheets will eventually be attached.

By the end of the week it was a lovely piece of artwork — a study in lines

The broken truss now repaired, waits for the next time the crane will come to lift it up on the last set of beams.

Repaired truss

The crane will come again when these trusses are ready to attach to the side of the gym where spectator seating will be.

More, smaller trusses still being built to support roof over spectators

The project has been covered in prayer and it is evident that prayers for safety, wisdom, and resources are being answered regularly.

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