Trusses: Some Assembly Required

December 15th a crane was hired to come assist in the assembly of the trusses for the covered gym.

Crane lifts pieces of the trusses

Every part of every truss was welded by Zacharie. He is proud of his work, and he helped construction foreman assemble the peak and 2 “arms” to the 14 trusses.

Zacharie spent months welding the truss pieces
Completed parts of the trusses painted and ready for assembly

After the center piece was hoisted onto the scaffold, the arm pieces were lifted into place.

Sometimes the guys on the ground had to jack up the end to bring the parts together.

The arm piece was bolted onto the center piece

At the end of the day, all 7 trusses were assembled. The 2nd most difficult part of the construction is done. (The 3rd most difficult was hoisting the support beams into place.) Next is going to be THE most difficult part, attaching the trusses to the support beams.




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