Haiti Agriculture: Let it Grow!

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first harvest lettuceLast December we posted an update about the agriculture initiative in Haiti through our partner, Habitat for Humanity. They were getting ready to plant their first seeds, and we are proud to say the project has continued to be successful!

Sustainability is the key to any success in a project and the Bon Jaden (Creole for “Good Garden”) group is determined to see it done. During their first day of sales they sold 180 pounds of tomatoes, 20 pounds of sweet pepper, and 67 lettuce heads. They are also talking about adding a new vegetable to their farm–beets! The community continues to think about expanding their market with the possible inclusion of a new local grocery store in Leogane.

first harvest tomatoesAnother focus of this group is to continue to educate those in their community. The new garden serves as an example for the community to inspire sustainable living. Since the devastating earthquake and hurricanes that struck Haiti there has been not only a need for immediate relief, but also a desire to cultivate hope for the future. These farmers are now able to provide training and resources for others to plant gardens in the neighborhood. These skills help many local Haitians contribute to the revitalization of Haiti.

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