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abuse-is-not-okayAfter incendiary news about past sexual assaults in regards to our Presidential candidates, the New York Times had an article about Kelly Oxford, a social media powerhouse, as she was called, and her astounding twitter experience. On Friday, October 7, …

Domestic Violence Survivors Living in the House of God

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By Yvonne DeVaughn

The Eastern Church has a tradition of using icons as a way to enter into a conversation with God. According to Professor Paul de Neui of North Park Theological Seminary, “It is a window into heaven through

Transition Progress–Check!

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It’s time for an update on the transition of Women Ministries!

We are now one year into the reorganization that has brought us fully into the structure of the Covenant Church and has called us into the Make and Deepen

Can Scandal Benefit the Kingdom?

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by Yvonne DeVaughn and Meagan Gillan

It is with sadness and frustration that we write about more sensational stories reported by the news media regarding sexual abuse. Between the recent sexual misconduct allegations against former House Speaker, Dennis Hastert (R-Ill),

From the heart. For the world.

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This spring, as we celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, and honor our teachers, we want to give you the opportunity, once again, to honor loved ones with meaningful gifts from the Covenant Cares Catalog.

Gifts like yours significantly improve

Seasonal Shift of the Heart

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By Denee Anderson

christmas-heartAnticipation, that word describes the Christmas season for most. We anticipate the to do lists, busyness, gift buying, party planning, big meals and the cards. There is always that buzz of excitement that hits just before

The Hap-Happiest Season?

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Wonderful Christmas-Note: This post was written by Pastor Kelly Johnston of Wakefield (Nebraska) Covenant Church and published in The Covenant Courier, her congregation’s newsletter. We’re sharing it here because it captures an important idea for all of us to remember


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What is #GivingTuesday? A day dedicated TUE giving back!

Help redefine the giving spirit this holiday season!

This is a unique opportunity (after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday) to prove that the holidays can be about both giving

More on Why They Stay

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by Kay Marshall Strom

With one vicious punch to his fiancée, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice pounded the issue of domestic violence into our national conscience. We recoiled at the video of him callously dragging her limp body out

Why They Stay

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Last night I spent some time reading through postings of individuals who had tweeted on #whyIstayed (the Tweet site that individuals are using to state why they stayed with their abuser). I found their reasons compelling. They tweeted things like: …