Recognition Awards

Sterling Silver Women Ministries Logo Pin, $35

When we honor and affirm one another we also give glory to God who blesses us with incredible, amazing women in our lives, our churches, or our Women Ministries teams. We invite you to affirm and recognize the special women in your life with the WM Recognition Award.  Women can be honored for their impact on the local, conference, denominational, or international level.

pin1. Fill out the online form providing information and words about the woman you are honoring.  The form will allow you to upload up to three photos.

2. Please send a check made out to Women Ministries, $35 per pin.  Mail to 8303 W Higgins Road, Chicago, IL 60631.

3. You will receive the sterling silver WM logo pin in the mail with a personalized card.

Questions? Email us at or call (773) 907-3332.

Your support of this effort will help advance Women Ministries and will encourage and inspire everyone who sees the pin.

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