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Meagan Gillan, Leader of Women Ministries for the Covenant Church.

Meagan Gillan, Leader of Women Ministries for the Covenant Church.

It’s time for an update on the transition of Women Ministries!

We are now one year into the reorganization that has brought us fully into the structure of the Covenant Church and has called us into the Make and Deepen Disciples team. We’re working in partnership with the good people who serve other specific affinity groups: Children and Families, Youth, Young Adult, Senior Adult, and Hispanic Ministry, along with the vital efforts of Evangelism, Prayer, and Disability, Ministries.

This is a great place for us to be, for it affords us vital connections that lead to collaboration. At the heart of what we do, we are seeking to bring women to faith in Jesus Christ and deepen their walk—to help women grow stronger and more vital in their faith. Everything has its foundation in this! Stay tuned to see the fruit of this collaboration.

In a recent conversation with the leaders of regional conference Women Ministries, we considered together why this is important. Their responses were thoughtful, intelligent and meaningful, but the one that has stayed with me the most is this: “In most churches, women lead extensively. If the women of the church are weak in their faith, the church will be weak.” Wow. While not our mandate, that is certainly adequate reason for us to redouble our efforts, isn’t it?

So, if you are involved in Women Ministries in your local church or at the conference level, let me invite you to take a step or two back and to evaluate what you are doing in Women Ministries in light of the priority of making and deepening disciples.

Are women who are far from God consistently invited to and included in your gatherings—whether Bible Study, social events, retreats, or service projects? Are you actively seeking to help women grow—whether through Bible Study opportunities, small groups, spiritual practices, engaging speakers, or other efforts? Are you consistently showing sensitivity and inclusion of those who are facing difficult life circumstances or stages? Is God’s word a part of your leader meetings? If you are wondering how to make these kinds of opportunities happen, please let us know. We can help you think through what you are doing and help you fully integrate your efforts so that they align with the Covenant’s heartfelt desire to make disciples of women and to see them grow deeper in their faith.

Welcome, Michelle Sanchez, to the Make and Deepen Disciples Team.

Welcome, Michelle Sanchez, to the Make and Deepen Disciples Team.

There is so much more to come as we welcome a new leader of the MDD Team, Rev. Michelle Sanchez. A dynamic young leader, Michelle is passionate to see people come to Christ and grow in their faith. We welcome and bless Michelle in her new leadership role, and I invite you to be praying for her as she makes this significant transition.
–Meagan Gillan, Director

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