Thanks for 27 years of support in giving and prayer!

As we have officially ended our time as covenant missionaries we no longer need this page to invite folks to join our team. Yet, we wanted to leave it here just so we can say thank you to all the churches and individuals who have played a part in our ministry in Japan… by giving to our financial needs and praying so faithfully for us. Some of you have even supported us by visiting us in Japan and volunteering your labor.

At the end, we had 31 supporting churches and approximately 30 individuals who were part of our support team. Some of you were part of our team since our start in August of 1989. Some of you joined us part way along the journey.

We want to say a special thank you to three congregations that were part of our “Johnsons in Japan” team…. not only during the 27 years that Andrea & Tim were in Japan, but from way back in 1951 when my parents, Gordon and Lucille Johnson, first went to serve in Japan as Covenant missionaries. DAWSON COVENANT CHURCH (in Dawson, MN and home church to Lucille Bergman Johnson), MAYWOOD COVENANT CHURCH (in Foley, MN and home church to Gordon Johnson), and BROADWAY COVENANT CHURCH  (in Rockford, IL and a church that Gordon had a part in planting back in the 1940s) have all supported the “Johnsons in Japan” from 1951 until August 2016. That’s 65 years of giving sacrificially and praying faithfully for our family as we served in Japan through two generations! That is incredibly humbling and awe-inspiring as we consider how we can continue to serve the Lord here in the US.

Thanks again to all of you! May God bless you richly many times over for your generosity and faithfulness.

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