Life with Max was never a dull moment.. Missing the zaniness…..

Death Will Not have the final say – The last enemy to be destroyed is Death… 1Cor 15:26

I can hardly believe it’s been a year already since you went home to be with the Lord.  365 days ago we had just finished talking about Argentina and being new Canadian Missionaries with so many new friends in various Churches across Western Canada.  Our last summer together was spent camping and being spontaneous and tourists in our own country.  Our last year together was just that – together – in so many ways – serving in ministry in Ecuador, Nicaragua and Argentina, METE, preparing for a whole new life together as missionaries in another country, culture and language. We started that last day with coffees overlooking the lake in Dundurn, SK.  What a peaceful morning.  What a fun drive back to the Kootenays.  The sillyness and zaniness along the way, stopping at the Big Green truck finally.  We talked about growing old together in Patagonia, we laughed about ‘the honeymoon NEVER ends, no matter how old we get’.  Oh how I miss you.  There isn’t a word that completely captures this.  There are so many memories everywhere, and while there are no more new memories to be made together; there are.  Because I see you in so many ways.  You have even trained me to spot the old 50’s cab over GMC that’s been converted to an RV (yes, I spotted it from the bus on the way home from school).  I could hear your voice saying ‘Cool, That’s what we need’.  I see things you enjoyed.  I listen to the music at our church with your ears.  I experience new vistas, places and events that I know you would have loved.  You’re with me in my heart, I often wonder if you can see what’s happening here – I think so.  I pray you are excited and encouraged by how God is continuing to use you everywhere. You were so full of life, love and passion.  You always had a smile on your face.  Friends knew they only needed ask and you were there to be with them, unconditionally serving and loving on everyone. Your servant heart, non-anxious presence, and complete surrender to Christ was and is an example for me, for all of us.  I am grateful for 27 years of life with you – a life full of adventure. I am thankful for every day, every event.  Thank you for sharing your life with me.


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