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We Walk by Faith NOT by Sight …. 2Cor 5:7


July 5th already.  Wow, yikes, exciting, oh dear, awesome, amazing, nervous, anticipating, butterflies, bitter sweet, laughter, love, joy – so many words to describe the range of emotions that I have experienced this past month.  If anybody finds a week or so randomly laying about, please send it over.  I think I misplaced it somewhere.

What a wonderful last month in Canada and in the USA.  I have had the wonderful blessing of spending so much time with friends and family.  My ‘to do’ list was fairly small this month compared to previous (I guess that’s what happens when you tackle the big list with vengeance to get it all done).  I have hiked around Nelson, Vancouver, the Capilano Suspension Bridge; kayaked on the lake; rode the KLR several times.  I was able to have so many meals and coffees with friends and family and say ciao – it’s only two years and it’ll go quick.  I’ve been enjoying the different flavours of spice and even managed to get in some delicious sushi feeds.  One more of those and then I should be good for a couple of years.  There has been a lot of tears.  Bittersweet tears of sadness of what was supposed to be in our minds, and joyful tears of what is going to be.  Loads of laughter and buckets of fun too. The little bumblebee is sold to great friends, I am packed (have been for a while), ready to go.

Gather in Minneapolis was an amazing time and I was so encouraged and felt privileged to have Pastor Ivan, a great friend, be there from Argentina.

I am going to save the pictures for a separate post.  And over the next month, I am going to really make an effort to post more photos of Argentina, but it will be a very busy month, so patience please.

July 19th – Can I ask you to celebrate what would have been our wedding anniversary with me?  What is that one thing that you have often said ‘we should do that’ ‘I’d like to do that one day’?  Can I ask you to do one of those?  No matter how big or small, extremely serious or insanely silly – make the effort.

I am eagerly awaiting what lays ahead on this journey.  He is a lamp at my feet… NOT A FLOODLIGHT.  I don’t need to know the specifics of 4 months out.  I only need to continue to walk in His will and allow His work, His glory to be done.

As I leave Canada, I want to challenge each and every single one of you.  What is being put on your heart? What nudge are you feeling?  You don’t have to be called to another country.  Are you feeling you need to say hello to the new neighbour that moved in?  Is there a project a work that you are passionate about? Is there a kid at school you don’t really know but hey – he/she lives just around the block and maybe you can hang out this summer?  Have you thought about taking a meal to someone? We are ALL called to missions – it just looks different for each individual.  I challenge you to respond to this niggle on your heart or in your soul.  Obey it… do something about it.

Prayer and Praise

I am so thankful and grateful for each and everyone of you.  For your prayers, your support, your friendship and your presence in my life.

Praise and gratefulness for the ECCC and the ECC – it is exciting, wonderful and I am humbled to be a part of this family – to be a Canadian Covenant Missionary!

Praise for the financial support that has already come in and for the support that has been pledged and on it’s way. This is a two year commitment and I thank you all for your partnerships.

Praise for this past month in Canada, trip to Gather and the conversations that happened

Praise for wonderful friends, new and old, and family all over the world.

Praise for God’s guidance, wisdom, and leading hand

Praise for warm sunshine, KLRs, kayaks and amazing friends to enjoy all of this with!

Prayer for the upcoming days of travel from Canada to Argentina.

Prayer for the next month as I travel all around Argentina, share meals and conversations, prayer for the immersion of Spanish and reconnecting with old and new friends that are waiting for me

Prayer for IPEA, for Argentina, for the churches, for the country, for the people.

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