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Thanksgiving Thoughts

by Lenore Three Stars, Journey to Mosaic facilitator, ECC Christian Action Commission member, Spokane, WA

On the one hand, Thanksgiving is another example of dualistic western worldview thinking on the secular and the sacred. Picking out an annual day to


Grace in the Gap

by Nancy Sneller, Pastor at Bay Covenant Church, WI

Bay Covenant Church located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is ideally located for ministry—a university campus, a homeless shelter, and the Brown County jail are all found in our immediate neighborhood.

Our …


Homework in the Garage

by Heather Chapman, co-founder of UNIDOS, San Juan Capistrano, CA

California’s 39% Latino population is rising, and in the Capistrano Villas it is about 95%. Yet in many ways, this community lives trapped behind a one-way glass. Many in this …