Installation of a new Pastor

Often Josh is required to travel around Ecuador as a part of his position on the Pastoral Council. In the past few months he has been a part of installing 3 different pastors in their churches. I (Naomi) am thrilled when my schedule allows me to “tag along”. Two weekends ago we traveled to a town called Cunchibamba, about 2 1/2 hours away from Quito to install Pastor Jorge Muso. It was an incredible blessing to be a part of a celebration like this. The whole church joined in one voice affirming their eager acceptance of him as their leader. IMG_6374

This little tot just cracked us up, hands in overalls, that haircut, those eyes! He wasn’t too sure about me taking his picture, though.


This church is very connect to it’s indigenous roots and they praise God with traditional songs and dances. It was touching and beautiful to see them express their relationship with God in a way so deeply connected to their culture.


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