Celebrations both Big and Small

There are many things we celebrate in our lives.  Some like royal weddings are shared by millions.  The “pomp and circumstance” appeal to many and this past weekend there were lots of people celebrating along with the actual guests.

Royal wedding on the TV.

Tea and scones with my sister-in-law to celebrate the event .

Other events we celebrate more privately as they are small accomplishments that probably don’t mean much to very many people.  However the appeal to a large audience does not actually give worth to the activity or take away from it.  Sometimes the uncelebrated achievements are the more important.

These are the cabinets I repainted and added new hardware to. Hopefully our renters will enjoy the better looking kitchen

Old mercury thermostat replaced with a new one to save energy .

And sometimes it is the faithful living of our lives – not the extraordinary – that actually proclaim who we really are and what is important to us.  The gift of a smile to a cashier at the store, a sympathetic nod to a young mother struggling with her child’s tantrum, or some other unremarkable act that acknowledges the worth and dignity of those around you.  It is perhaps those daily moments that will bring the greater celebrations in Heaven.

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