Storing Up Memories of Love and Good Times

We have just returned to our home in Vista after ten days with family and friends.  We have been blessed by time and conversation with friends of many years. We have been overwhelmed by their generosity and the opportunities to share all that God has been doing in our lives.

Worship in the park during our time in Oakland.

Rising moon on Lake Tahoe while visiting with friends.

Driving past the little yellow house I passed everyday on the way to graduate school early in our marriage. Memories from long ago connect us with so many friends from those days.

We have spent time with family in celebration of our nephew’s marriage and enjoying numerous activities together.

Colin and Megan at their reception where we celebrated with family.

One of the hard parts of serving overseas is the people we don’t see regularly that have played significant roles in our lives.  I am well aware that can happen even if you live in the same state or even city without intentionally making plans for time together.  However the fact that the meetings are not possible seems to make the opportunities to spend time together that much sweeter.

Family walk at Heather Farms in Walnut Creek.

These visits, both on this trip and previous ones, during this year have provided a source of refreshment for me (and I hope for you that we have visited) as we move closer to our departure for Cameroon.  July 12 is coming quickly!

A family that plays pickleball together ….

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