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Celebrations both Big and Small

There are many things we celebrate in our lives.  Some like royal weddings are shared by millions.  The “pomp and circumstance” appeal to many and this past weekend there were lots of people celebrating along with the actual guests.

Other …

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Sometimes What You See Is Not What You Get!

One summer when I was in high school I spent some time with family friends in New Jersey.  While staying with them I was introduced to something which I had never seen before – Kohlrabi.


Until earlier this spring …

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Just for Fun – and Because We Are Loved!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner in the US.  I know it was already celebrated in the UK and in some other places around the globe.  I don’t mind celebrating multiple times!  This holiday always makes me think of …

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A Chance to Learn to Love and Work on the African Continent

The time is quickly approaching when Jeff and I return to our home in Cameroon.  We have lived so long in both California and Cameroon that both feel like home.  One of our great desires is to bring someone back …

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