A Chance to Learn to Love and Work on the African Continent

The time is quickly approaching when Jeff and I return to our home in Cameroon.  We have lived so long in both California and Cameroon that both feel like home.  One of our great desires is to bring someone back with us to Cameroon so that they to could learn to make a home in Cameroon.

Our home in Cameroon

Our home in the US

Specifically we are looking for a couple to love and work with 8 -12 teenage students from a variety of backgrounds in one of the hostels which provide a “home away from home” for these students while they attend Rain Forest International School.


This could be your home!

We know not everyone can do this but they are a few who can!  So what is needed?

  • A life committed to both living for and serving Jesus Christ.
  • A love for teenagers and helping them to learn the skills they need both in and out of school.
  • An ability to raise the support needed to serve as this is not a paid position.

Some of these could be your students!

There are other skills that would help, but if this describes you or someone you know please contact me by leaving a response here or on Facebook.

It is an adventure and you too can have a home on two continents, because Africa will grab hold of your heart.

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