Jeff and Carolyn Stoker

Stoker Family at Keith's Graduation

General Information


Country of Service: Cameroon

Next Home Assignment: Summer 2012


Email :  jeff.stoker@covchurch.org



Country of Service Address:


            BP 1299





Ministry Overview and Description




Our primary ministry is working at Rain Forest International School (RFIS) in Yaounde, Cameroon. The Evangelical Covenant Church is a partner mission in the operating of the secondary school that was established in the early 1990’s by Wycliffe Bible Translators for the education of their missionary children (MKs). The primary ministry to these students is educational and also one of discipleship. In addition, a number of other (non-mission) students attend the school, some of whom are not Christians, so there is also a ministry of evangelism to these students.



Vision for future ministry:


Our overall vision for our ministry remains unchanged from year to year. We are committed to teaching and discipling the next generation of Christians whom God has placed under our care. This includes missionary children, many of whom will be future missionaries, pastors or lay church leaders. It also includes many Cameroonians who plan to attend university in the United States or another English-speaking country. It is our desire that many of them become committed disciples of Jesus Christ while at RFIS and that they remain faithful during their university years and return to be positive influences on their country.  Carolyn has enjoyed her work with ACSI helping other Christian schools through their accreditation process and would like to continue to be involved in helping a wider variety of international Christian schools meet the challenge of discipling young people. We also are excited to be a part of helping some new Covenant missionaries to Cameroon find areas in Cameroon where compassion ministries can be used not only to meet the physical needs of the local population but also their spiritual



Ministry goals for 2010-2011


Jeff was expecting to teach two classes in 2010-11, but for the first semester he will only be teaching AP Economics. In addition to his responsibilities as Financial Manager, he will be taking on the supervision of the office staff. He will also continue in his role as head of the school’s Development committee. He hopes to continue his small group Bible study with a number of boys who he worked with last year and has a goal to get to know them in a deeper way spiritually and do a better job of mentoring them. He also works with the Student Council and has a goal of doing a good job of leadership development with these individuals. Regarding his teaching assignment, Jeff is working on his classroom management skills and also trying to be more creative with his instructional methods this year.


Carolyn desires to return to a more student-centered ministry in the coming year. In particular, she desires to spend more time with students in small group ministry and in mentoring one or two students on a regular basis. Additionally, she would like to build upon the relationships formed with school employees last year in order that greater ministry with less conflict could be realized in the future. Professionally, Carolyn would like to continue to work with other teachers to improve curriculum both at RFIS and at other schools. The technology course she completed this summer has increased her desire to bring new methods into her classroom teaching.


A Note to Ministry Partners

We would like to thank you for your faithful support, both in prayer and monetarily, over the last year. Without your support we would not have been able to continue in ministry. We have seen many students deepen their walk with Christ and others come to Christ. It is exciting to be joined by a new generation of missionaries whom we have taught.

Support Goal 2010: $111,985

Missionary Support Account: 5048-1010-81-10



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