Sometimes What You See Is Not What You Get!

One summer when I was in high school I spent some time with family friends in New Jersey.  While staying with them I was introduced to something which I had never seen before – Kohlrabi.


Kohlrabi a superfood and surprisingly is a type of cabbage

Until earlier this spring I hadn’t seen or even heard of it more than a couple of times since that time last century.  I remembered I had liked it – tasting a bit like broccoli.  I remembered its funny shape and that it looked weird.

But this spring when filling my planter boxes I found some seedlings at the garden center and I remembered that I had liked it.

This is my small Kohlrabi growing next to kale (another of its relatives.)

It is not a pretty plant but its unappealing exterior covers up a wealth of nutrition inside.  According to it will “improve your digestive processes, help you lose weight, prevent cancer, boost the immune system, regulate the metabolism, increase circulation, strengthen bones, improve vision health, and assists in protecting muscle and nerve function.”  What more could you want!

I wonder how many people we meet each day who don’t appeal to us as especially gifted or likeable but in reality are wonderful people with much to offer.  They could enrich our lives if we would only give them a chance.  I figure I am “a kohlrabi” to people I meet and I am glad that many have invested time and energy into my life.  I want to do the same – look beyond the surface and see the “super” inside of each person I meet.


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