Returning to the Rain Forest

I mentioned back in February that the roof was going up for a new covered sports facility at Rain Forest International School.  Well that roof is finally on!

The February picture of the structure with the steel going into place.

All finished by the end of March. Notice the clear skylight panels so the whole area will stay light and bright.

As you can see from the photos, it is a gigantic structure.

The celebration meal for all those that worked on the facility . This picture gives you some perspective on how big the structure really is.

The wings are currently getting their roof and soon the concrete floor will be poured.  Then there will be a dry place to play even when the rains pour down!

Jeff and I hope to head back there in July.  We still need to raise a bit more support before we can leave.  Would you help us reach that goal?  Clicking on our picture below will allow you to pledge toward our monthly support or give a one time gift.  We appreciate your support and the community of RFIS thanks you in advance.



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