Celebrating Life – both those completed and the flourishing of others.

I was reminded on Easter Sunday that the celebration of Easter is not a one day celebration.  It is a celebration that is to be continued for the next forty days and beyond.  Resurrection means that life has been renewed and continues on.

New life coming forth from the bulbs that have done completed their work of nourishing the plant as it grows.

This morning as I heard of the “death into life” of another elderly missionary colleague this message was impressed upon me. He has completed his service on this earth and now is raised to eternal life where he no longers suffers the pain of an aging body and a mind that becomes confused and cloudy.

Our hopes to return to Cameroon in July have also been renewed as continue to be blessed with more prayer and financial partners.  We still have a need for more financial partners prior to our return to Cameroon and we are always looking for those who will join us in prayer for the ministries in Cameroon and Central Africa in general.

The fire burning reminds me that it only takes a few acts of kindness and love to warm the world around us.

Please pray with us for peace to descend upon this part of the world.  It seems like the political unrest and the clashes of various military entities has increased in the last few weeks.  Pray for the churches in Cameroon to specifically reach out with practical love to thier neighbors no matter their ethnic origin or relgious views..

We joyfully anticipate serving in Cameroon again and your prayers and support for us are appreciated.


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