Testing Times

As a teacher when I think about the word “testing” my mind goes to paper and pencil assessments.  Since I have spent three of my last four Saturdays giving standardized tests for students in Cameroon this is a natural association.



However this is not the only way we are tested.  The regular problems with electrical power and poor roads are also testing.  Both hearing about and seeing the effects of political dissent which turns to hatred and killing tests my faith.  Health issues and injuries test my body’s ability to stay healthy.

The van was no match for the road

The van was no match for the road!


"And where should I drive to stay on the bridge?"

This bridge has been replaced now – but there are plenty more we encounter that look as bad or even worse.


What “tests you these days?  I am thankful that despite the tests, I can clearly see the hand of a loving God on my life.  I pray you can also.

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  1. Sharon King says:

    Thanks Carolyn for this reminder that tests are opportunites to trust God.

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