Pruning … trees and lives

One of the jobs I knew I would need to tackle this year was the pruning of our ornamental plum tree in the back yard.  It had not been pruned for a number of years.  The result was many crossing branches and growth that was not healthy.


Tree in need of pruning


So a couple weeks ago, pruners and saws in hand, I started on the job.  The actual pruning of the tree only took a few hours, but cuting up the branches to go in our green waste containers has taken many more.





A multitude of branches that are waiting to be cut up.



This has offered me the opportunity to reflect on pruning and how it affects our lives as well as the lives of trees.



One of the reasons for pruning a tree is to create space for new growth.  I pruned to open up the middle and allow light and air into the center of the tree.  So it is with my life when it gets pruned by a loving God.  Over time habits, attitudes and and ways of thinking and responding can accumulate in our lives.  Not all of these are healthy; some take up so much space in our lives that there is no room for growth, some block light from getting to us, so we cannot grow.  Pruning these items out can allow us to change, find room for new interests and space for new relationships.



One of three cans of cut up pieces from the branches. There is much too to be pruned and taken away from my life.



When I decided to do the pruning of the tree, I did it because I wanted the tree to be healthy and strong.  My reason for doing it had to do with the health of the tree and the health of the surrounding plants.  When God prunes our lives, He also does it to bring health to us.  However He also prunes to bring health to those surrounding us.  Just as a tree that has become too large can shade and stunt the growth of other plants around it, we can if left unpruned cause the growth of those around us to be unhealthy.





Tree pruned and ready to grow again.


Of course we are not trees, and so our needs for growth differ.  However I have found that the pruning of some habits has allowed space for better and more reflective choices, as the light of God has space to penetrate my life.

What about you?












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2 Responses to Pruning … trees and lives

  1. Cathy says:

    I appreciate the analogy of pruning away things that are not bearing fruit and making a way for His new growth….I so much do not want to be stunting growth of others caused by my poor habits and limited, misunderstandings. Thank you for sharing this Good News!

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  2. Diane says:

    I agree. I can especially resonate with the part about doing away with some old habits that have allowed for “better and more reflective choices.” Not easy to change but the growth is worth it.

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