Monthly Archives: February 2012

Grace Baptist Church – a place of growth

The church we attend here in Cameroon, Grace Baptist Church, has been growing in many ways over the last few months.  Significant changes began when the original pastor of the church, Rev Herve Tsafack, departed to begin planting another new …

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Cameroon construction challenges

This was construction week for us here in Cameroon.

First the bridge we need to cross to get to school each day has gradually become more broken down until finally it was only occasionally safe.  It is possible to go …

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Transitions – they are part of life

We just came back from spending four days with our students on our school retreat.  It was a great time of fun and talking with colleagues and students. 

We built memories as we shared meals, games and worship together.



  As …

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Retreat Time 2012

Once each year Rain Forest International School goes on retreat.  This is a time for students to learn things not normally taught in their classrooms, worship together and have lots of fun.  The school is broken into two groups – …

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