Retreat Time 2012

Once each year Rain Forest International School goes on retreat.  This is a time for students to learn things not normally taught in their classrooms, worship together and have lots of fun.  The school is broken into two groups – the High School and Middle School.  The High School retreat is always held off the RFIS campus (although one year we did occupy the uncompleted campus where we now have school) and lasts from Monday morning until Thursday afternoon.    The Middle School students normally stay on campus, although they have day trips and an occasional overnight experience.  Most years the Middle School students are involved in a service project.

To give you the flavor a few pictures from last year.

Middle School campfire with marshmallows.

Gathering for a large group time at the pool.

Loading up buses for High School retreat.

The High School retreat was not without water fun despite having no pool.


Please pray for us over these next few days.  Pray for:

Safety in travel

Meaningful times of prayer and worship

Relationships to be strengthened

Fun for all!

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