Transitions – they are part of life

We just came back from spending four days with our students on our school retreat.  It was a great time of fun and talking with colleagues and students. 

We built memories as we shared meals, games and worship together.

Worshipping together

Students practicing tinikling


Team games


  As a high school we were drawn into closer community due to the shared experiences.

So why do I mention transitions in the title?  This week, as we return to school, we have a special speaker, Janet Blomberg, from Interaction International. 

Her topics for the sessions with the students each day are related to  Third Culture Kids (TCK’s) and transition issues.  It seems somewhat ironic that as a school we just worked on building unity and we are immediately addressing the issue of people leaving.  However that is exactly what life is like for students at our school – as soon as something is set-up, it changes.  They live life in the midst of change or transition from what was to what will be.  We have learned that dealing well with change (transition) is an important skill for our students and staff.   This week we will be talking about those skills and the feelings that are common as transitions take place in our lives.  Pray that this week will be helpful to both those who will leave at the end of this school year and those who will be left.  The change affects everyone in the community.

Jeff and I are beginning to get ready to be the ones doing the leaving – as we head to the US in July for our regularly scheduled home assignment.  More on that next week and in our newsletter which you will hopefully receive later this week.

In the meantime, please pray for us all as we spend this week learning and reviewing how to make transitions well.

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