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Pete completes the Marathon to Marathon

I did it.  I completed the Marathon to Marathon this morning in 4 hrs 46min & 16 sec.  The race is from Storm Lake to Marathon, IA.  Marathon is about 35 min from Pocahontas.  It was a workout and I’m …

A new look?

Like my ‘do and earthy foundation I was sporting after riding outside from Gemena to Karawa on Saturday, Jan 14th? I think the foundation is applied a little unevenly, but beggars can’t be choosers.

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Come on over for Dessert!

Wanna come over for desert after a few hours?

We’re not sure how long it will take for the pumpkin (squash) pie to cook and cool, but it’s in the oven.

Wish you could come, and bring the whipped cream!…

Comfort Food

What are your comfort foods?  Several weeks ago we brought an expensive ($20) pound of cheese back from Bangui and were able to have one of ours: grilled cheese sandwiches! YUMM! Were they ever good. Since we don’t have a …

Baking over Charcoal

Cindy has started learning how to bake using a large pot on a charcoal cooker, called an ebambola in Lingala. What she was told to do was to get a pot larger than the pan you want to bake in, …

Fun with Family

Just finished a great game of Liverpool Rummy with our kids in Chicago.  Some other fun things we’ve done:

– enjoyed Chicago deep-dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s, ball-park hot dogs, Ann Sather’s cinnamon rolls, BBQ hamburgers, and picnics in the …

Poultry project

Tuesday:  Poultry project is doing great!
The ECCK poultry project at Kitengela Covenand Church is providing far more abundantly thalayers1n the church could have imagined when they proposed it. We went to just outside Nairobi to visit the

Love to water ski

Labor Day weekend we got to the lake 2 times to water ski.  Friday Cindy and I pete-on-slalom-r-corner-cropwent with my parents for some fun.  We slowly went around the lake and gauked at the houses.  I also got to ski …



At 10h30 Sunday morning, August 9 in Eldora, IA there was a terrible hailstorm.  The hail was golf ball to tennis ball size with winds up to 70 mph.  My parents were there having spent the night following a wedding …

Family reunion in WI

July 24-27 we went to Prairie du Chien, WI for a reunion of my cousins-smmother’s side of the family.  4 of the 5 Oscar & Ruth Anderson children were able to attend.  Those 8 plus cousins and second cousins added …

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