Family reunion in WI

July 24-27 we went to Prairie du Chien, WI for a reunion of my cousins-smmother’s side of the family.  4 of the 5 Oscar & Ruth Anderson children were able to attend.  Those 8 plus cousins and second cousins added up to over 40 attending.  We’ve been having these reunions every 2 years since 1963 and in that span only twice has one of the 5 children missed.  In addition all 5 children and their spouses are in overall good health which is pretty exceptional.

So what do we do at these reunions?  Visit, hike if there are trails, play games, visit, go boating if we’re by water, eat, visit, laugh and tell new stories and those we’ve heard many times before.  The waterfall below was along one of the trails in Pike’s State Park across the Mississippi in McGregor, IA.


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