Comfort Food

What are your comfort foods? ┬áSeveral weeks ago we brought an expensive ($20) pound of cheese back from Bangui and were able to have one of ours: grilled cheese sandwiches! YUMM! Were they ever good. Since we don’t have a fridge we can’t keep cheese very long so over the course of a week plus we suffered as we had to eat all cheese we bought. Yumm!

A few Sundays ago, it rained hard in the morning, which made the last part of church very hard to hear with the rain pounding on the tin roof. Coming home we fixed another comfort food on this cool day: soup! Tom Christy passed through on his way to Wasolo a few weeks ago and threw in some packed soup mixes for us. We had big delicious bowls of minestrone soup. Thanks Tom!!

We also finally got flour and with that were able to make pancakes for breakfast. Tom sat down at breakfast table laden with a big platter of pancakes and exclaimed, “I’m sure glad I’m a white missionary this morning.” Oh did we laugh as we dug in and enjoyed. Comfort foods are good for the stomach and soul. Thanks Lord for allowing us these treats.

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