Zulu camp dining hall dedication

Early in July the CEUM dedicated the new dining hall at the Zulu Discipleship Center and Bible Camp.  It was a GREAT celebration with worship, dancing before the Lord, choirs, preaching the Word, prayers and thanksgiving and of course great food and fellowship.  A good number of CEUM leaders were present including President Mboka who preached and led the dedication.





















In addition while there we also dedicated Tim & Helen Smith’s new home.








The dining hall is designed to be multi-functional.  On rainy days it will serve as an area for the campers to gather for activities out of the rain.  As you can see from the photos it is airy and light.  The tables and benches can easily be moved to the side for games.








These two buildings are the next structures in the vision for the discipleship center and Bible camp.  Tim & Helen’s vision has been for a place to live out discipleship and that it the discipleship center.  4 families plus the Smiths live and work here, learning about and growing in faith as they do so.  Their vision is that later this year one of the couples will move back to the Yakoma area and start a second discipleship center and camp.  Pray for them in this vision.



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2 Responses to “Zulu camp dining hall dedication”

  1. Roger Eales says:

    Wow..Camp Zulu has come a long way since the first camp there in 1967 when there were a couple mud structures. Praise God for the camp ministry today.

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  2. Kathryn Hoden says:

    I had the pleasure of visiting the Zulu Camp in 2014 and had breakfast with the Smith’s & families living at the camp. It was a joy to meet them and hear their stories. Their passion and dedication to the Lord was evident. It is wonderful to see the pictures you posted; hopes and dreams are coming true!
    God Bless Tim & Helen and the families at Zulu.

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