Enjoyable July visit by Mason City team

We enjoyed hosting the Mason City team of Bob, Greg, Pam and Terry July 21-28, actually July 19-28 for Pete because he flew to Kinshasa to greet them and then returned with them.  We kept them busy and they were troopers; accepting the rough roads, spending the night in the village (in a very nice house), and visiting a number of ministries in Gemena and Karawa.

Bob, Pastor Greg, Terry & Pam







After arriving Friday late morning Saturday afternoon we took them out to Bogose-Nubea, 44 kms N of Gemena where we toured the small hospital, saw the construction of the new maternity ward, visited the first 4 of a series of 12 bridges on the road going East.  These bridges are difficult for pedestrians and bicycles and impassable for trucks and motorcycles.


After supper we showed the JESUS film which Pete has in the Ngbaka language.

kids captivated by the JESUS film








Sunday morning was a HUGE rain which delayed church until 1:30 pm.  It was over at 4pm and we left immediately, stopping at Bogose-Kono on the way to see a spring that has been capped thanks to Paul Carlson Partnership’s Congo Clinic Initiative.  The big rain meant for a sloppy return through areas of sticky red clay.  We crept down a couple hills in the dark and were home safely at 7.

produce from the women’s gardens at IPOK, WV initiative with a local NGO.









Following this beginning the rest of their days were equally filled.  They visited Project Ledia initiatives which are supported by Covenant Kids Congo powered by World Vision.  Each one was able to visit the children they sponsor.  These are always special times.









Before departure they reflected to the CEUM, “We can see God working through you. Cooperation between the three main church groups (Covenant, Free and Catholic) has taught me much to bring back to the US. Your welcome has been wonderful and warm. We are excited by what God is doing in your community.”

Yes, it was work preparing for their visit and then hosting them, but it was joyous work and we thoroughly enjoyed their visit.  Pete also REALLY enjoyed the cribbage games!


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2 Responses to “Enjoyable July visit by Mason City team”

  1. Mike Luepke says:

    Great blog! Would one of you be able to give a report to Urban Heights Covenant Church in Urbandale some Sunday in October ( or really any sinday up until Thanksgiving)?

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  2. Mike Luepke says:

    Hey, enjoyed the blog!

    I’m wondering if one or more of the team would be interested in coming to Urban Heights Cov in Urbandale some Sunday anytime up until thanksgiving to share your story? Please get back to me soon.

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