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Sharing some backyard beauty

Pink roses and gloriosa lilies climbing up our little water tank supports.  Lovely!

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Pizza delivery

I guess when in South Africa and you order take-out pizza, the motorcycle comes through the shop, where it is safely kept, and trundles down stairs or a ramp from the second story to get the pizza to your door!  …

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Timothy & Elizabeth


We just said goodbye to a couple of premed college students who had come to Gamboula to experience medical missions firsthand.  Interestingly, they were both attending Wheaton College but came to Gamboula under two very different mission organizations. Timothy …

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Roy’s wheels in SA

Hey, when we’re in South Africa, we now have wheels!  And, yes, he’s driving on the left side of the road, which is the “right” side in S.A.!!   Thanks to Lynn & Gary Brackley’s generous gift of the use of …

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Repairs, always repairs

We have 4 trucks and a bazillion motorcycles, but because of the horrible roads, overloading, and lack of a nearby AutoZone, there is only one truck and a handful of motorcycles working.   We keep on keepin’ on, limping along until …

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Carrying Sali

Sometimes people wait too long to get to the hospital for treatment, sometimes they don’t follow their meds and treatment schedule, and sometimes the sickness is just plain incurable.  No matter the details leading up to death from disease, the …

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