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Visiting Creighton, South Africa

While Roy was in South Africa, he had the marvelous opportunity to go on a trip with Sam & Anna’s cell group to visit the little town of Creighton.  The interesting thing about this place, other than the fact that …

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Poodle corn

What do you think?  Should we try breeding this new poodle corn??

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Nursery comin’ up!

We are so happy to have Roy back home from South Africa, with his tooth repaired.  He ended up needing a root canal, and it turns out it was a very good thing that he went all the way to …

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New kid on the block

Ever feel like this?  Like everything around you is huge and overwhelming?  We should take a lesson from Noni, the wonder puppy.  She takes it in stride, confident that all is well, believing that she is loved and will be …

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Roy home in time

I’m late in the posting, but Roy was back to CAR in time for his birthday on July 18th.  I guess you might not know what this fruit is, it is a durian and Roy is absolutely in seventh heaven …

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Durian, the fruit that you either love or hate!  This picture says it all!  Delight and disgust!  Some say eating it is like enjoying custard in a sewer.

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Fulani friends moving back across the river

It was wonderful to see a Fulani family, with all their worldly belongings piled on the backs of 2 donkeys, making their way from Cameroon to C.A.R..  When I chatted with them, they had no qualms about returning at this …

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Visit from UN troops

We had a nice visit with two UN officers the other day.  They came from the main town to the east, where they are stationed, to patrol our area; sort of a fact-finding mission.  They had a pick-up full of …

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Mercies new every morning!

We may have lightning strikes and plenty of other challenges to face, but we have a faithful God who promises mercies new every morning.  I have to remind myself to just look around and see what God has given to …

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Road to work

People, dogs, motorcycles, and sheep are the norm at our “busy” mission intersection!  Because the sheep gather and completely block one side of the “roundabout”, traffic going both ways is in the habit of keeping to the left to turn …

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