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Fun photo

I love this photo for many reasons, the least of which is us!  The palm trees in the background are straight down the road from our old house, the lady walking by with the mega tub of water on head …

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Rainy day

Roy actually does a great job of keeping his work bench organized – rainy days are helpful for this!  While the rain poured down, he and Dave put handles on these shovel and rake heads that Dave had brought from …

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Dave is on his way home

Dave is in Yaounde, getting ready to fly home to California, starting Sunday evening.  He was pleased to be able to help out in many ways, but I think this might have been his favorite job.  He put back together …

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What do you have on your head, Nina?!  On your way to work in the garden, on your head you’ve got balanced on the rolled up cloth; a shovel, a machette, a big knife, and right on top, a midmorning …

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Somebody loves the new puppy, Siriri, even to the point of cleaning up after him!  He might grab her skirt or nip her toes or chew her flipflops, but he’s still her best buddy.  Sweet.  Meet Dieu-fera, or “God will …

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Creator God

Wow! Thank you, Lord!

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It is amazing what a morning of worship and prayer with friends can do for your attitude.  Roy & I were blessed to take part in just such a time with the CEFA contract workers on Friday.  There were plenty …

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Fulani friends in the bush

What a delight for our Fulani friends to be able to be out in the bush with their cattle, on our side of the river, where the grass is lush and their herds can be healthy!  Most of the caretakers …

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Seeing through a visitor’s eyes

Our friend, Dave, is visiting from Modesto, California.  We visited the bustling border town across the river on Monday, and he took a bazillion photos.  It is always fun to see our everyday lives through the eyes of someone who …

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Maimuna is gone

Just when you think you have heard enough sad news…makes you cry out “when will it end, Oh Lord?!?!?”  My good friend N’s daughter passed away, after struggling with TB and some kind of kidney or liver failure.  She left …

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