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Finding joy

Over this past busy weekend we had a meeting that was pretty discouraging, and then on my last visit across the border I sat with different ones from Chief T’s clan.  They have suffered the death of 3 family members …

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Hurray, medicine for the hospital!

We have waited a long, long time for these meds to arrive via ocean freight container.  Thankful that the main pharmacy stock is almost up to par again.   There is a back order and we would ask prayer for that …

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It’s a bird!

What in the world?!?!

4 blog what


4 blog what3

It’s a bird!

4 blog what4

It’s a plane!

4 blog what5

It’s a stack of roofing sheaves!  Probably quite a trick to balance, though motorcyclists out here push the limit:

blog moto

Taking manioc to market

blog moto1Putting as many on as possible!  Crazy!  …

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An encouraging visit from our buddies

Aw, snap!  I didn’t get a photo of Paul & Sheryl Noren while they were with us, but we sure enjoyed their visit.  They were with us for a week, taking care of going through their belongings left here last …

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