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Feast of the Lamb

We just celebrated the feast of the lamb with our Fulani friends. This is a day commemorating God’s gift of a ram to sacrifice in place of Abraham’s son. Every muslxim family that is able kills a lamb/ram, and everyone …

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Thanksgiving II

Well, I had typed a comment on Thanksgiving day, and when I checked earlier it hadn’t made it on to our blog, but now, 8 hours later, it is there. We have issues sometimes with our internet connection, so …

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I’m so thankful for all the blessings in our lives! I’m thankful for duck and stuffing and all the trimmings, for friends that will gather with us this evening to give thanks to God for all he has done. Our …

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Is that a melon or what???

They are papayas! The seed came from ECHO in Florida, originally from Thailand. They are sweet and kind of red inside instead of orange. We are harvesting fruit less than a year after planting the seed.

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.brickmakingThe beginning of the dry season has normally started by now, but this year has been a weird one all ’round for weather. These brickmakers were counting on the weather being dry, but instead they are hurriedly putting a …

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Prayer day

Yesterday (Saturday) we missionaries spent the day in prayer, focusing on the different ministries with a big emphasis on troubles at the hospital, and then praying for each individual. We shared in communion, and our time together was sweet and …

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Haruuna & Hammadou

ham-har-reading1109-0151Today was a fun day, translating a health tract (on scabies; ICK!) into Arabic script fulfulde, with Haruuna, our gardener’s brother. BUT the best part of my sessions with Haruuna is when his brother, Hammadou, comes in and they read …

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CEFA land

Roy has been checking out many different possible sites for the CEFA ag project. He and Benoit, his right hand man, have walked many kilometers, looking at the type of soil, the water sources, the boundary situations and the current …

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Watch out Walmart

Well, I thought you might be interested to know there‚Äôs a new store going up on the entry road to our hospital mission station! I was glad to see that they have installed a ramp, because two days ago I …

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Fadi’s gone

I took Fadi (the woman with breast cancer) to the cemetery on Friday, and I don’t know if she believed in the Savior before she died. We loaded her and all the belongings her family had brought to the hospital …

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