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The First Five Years: Signs of Health and Progress in Ledia

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This past year, the World Vision Ledia office in Gemena, DR Congo conducted an evaluation to measure progress since the Covenant Kids Congo partnership began in 2012. We on the CKC team were greatly encouraged to see that this

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On the Ground in DR Congo: A Letter from President Gary Walter

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By Gary Walter, President of the Evangelical Covenant Church

I just recently returned from DR Congo. I wanted to visit one more time before retirement to see progress on the ground. Choose any of the following words. They are all

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From Jericho to Gemena: A Reflection from the CKC 6k Prayer Guide

A reflection from the CKC Six Weeks to 6k Prayer Guide.

By Justin Kazadi, World Vision DRC Ledia Operations Manager

The citizens said to Elisha, “As you can see, sir, this city is in a good location, but the

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180,000+ Immunizations Administered – and More in the Winter 2018 Report


Covenant Kids Congo celebrates several wonderful achievements highlighted in the new CKC Winter 2018 Report. Here’s a glimpse of what’s happened through your faithfulness and the work of our amazing partners in Congo.

  • 180,310 important, potentially life-saving immunizations have

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How the Young People’s Parliament Advocates for Children’s Rights

Young People's Parliament

On a hot afternoon in June, kids ages 10 to 17 gathered in a classroom in Gemena, DR Congo for a plenary session of the Young People’s Parliament. They sat around desks and discussed issues pertaining to children’s rights in

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Meet Justin and Read the Summer 2017 CKC Report

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When you sponsor a child through Covenant Kids Congo, you become part of the transformation of an entire community. 28,000+ people in Gemena, DR Congo now have access to clean water. 131,815 children have received immunizations. These are just a …

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Water access adds unexpected benefits

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A nearby water kiosk holds more than the usual health, household, and education-related benefits for Mama YuYu and her family of seven.

Mama YuYu lives in Gemena, and has trained for and earned the rank of water kiosk officer in

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How to Host a Hope Sunday for Covenant Kids Congo

Want to host a Hope Sunday for Covenant Kids Congo at your church? Follow these steps!

1. Sign up online at

2. Review the CKC resources on our website. If you would like to invite a Covenant Kids

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See the Impact: Read the New Covenant Kids Congo Report

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of impact you’re making when you sponsor a child through Covenant Kids Congo, read this new report. In it, you’ll read stories about families whose lives are being changed, you’ll find cumulative statistics showing

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Entering the Next Phase of Covenant Kids Congo

Kids waving in Congo

At the 2017 Midwinter conference, Evangelical Covenant Church President Gary Walter made a big announcement about Covenant Kids Congo powered by World Vision. CKC has surpassed our goal of 10,000 sponsorships, which includes acquired sponsorships and cash equivalencies.


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