Whelp friends, here is my sad story.  So if you checked in last month, you know about my new venture to try and be more intentional and take more photos with my “real” camera.  And this past month I did such a good job!  You would be so proud.

I sat down today to upload all the pictures that I took onto my computer.  I was having some issues getting my card reader to connect with my computer, and when it finally did…no pictures.  I put my SD card back in my camera…no pictures.  They are no where to be found.

Photos from Carnaval celebrations in our neighborhood and my kids playing with carioca – the foam folks spray all over each other to celebrate.  Photos of the blossoms on our peach tree in the backyard and photos of an afternoon spent with sisters from the Covenant Church in a Quecha community north of where we live.  Photos of prep work going into the course we are helping to host next week and photos of Grandma’s recent visit.  Gone.  All gone.

So, I will try again next month and work on trying to figure out whatever went wrong so it doesn’t happen again!  I’m trying not to be too defeated.


Valentine's Day at the equator.  Flowers everywhere!

Valentine’s Day at the equator. Flowers everywhere!


Did you get roses on February 14th? Good chance they came from Ecuador!


An afternoon spent with Quecha sisters in San Antonio


The Otter pup! He’s a good dog…except for when he’s not.


Cotton candy to kick off a week of no school for Carnaval!


Our neighborhood all decorated for Carnaval.


Obligatory equator picture!


Jungle butterfly


Church amigas!

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