One week and one day since Chris graduated.  Last weekend our house was filled with family, friends and food as we celebrated this milestone for our family and all of the nerdiness that Chris embraced over the past three and a half years.  And you guys! He rocked the socks off seminary.  He received the senior award for studies in History and Greek Language and also the Ahnfeldt award for graduating top of his class.  There was much to celebrate!  Top it off with Mother’s Day and our son’s birthday, we were partied out by the end of the weekend.

And while Chris’ accomplishments in the classroom were great, we know that it is a joy only fully known and shared with all of you.  Without our community to support us, we wouldn’t have made it through.  SO THANK YOU!!  Thank you to our family that supported and encouraged us.  Thank you to friends who walked with us daily, through the good and the bad.  Thank you to those who continued to financially support our family while we transitioned from short term missionaries to life as students once again.  Thank you to friends who bought us avocados and mangos when we were missing life in Ecuador.  And those who brought ice cream after our car accident that cancelled our summer vacation plans.  Thank you to those who contributed to the scholarship program at North Park and to the many that would hangout with our kids so Chris and I could have a date night here and there.  Thank you to professors who challenged and refined.  Thank you to those who gave us employment to help pay the bills and kept our ravenous kids fed.  Thank you to girlfriends who met up for a weekend away that was beyond good for the soul.  Thank you to church families that gave our family footing and helped to weekly reorient us to God’s story.  Thank you to neighbors that were like family and ever so gracious when I forgot to grab our laundry from the dryer for days on end.  Thank you to the other NPTS students and families for sharing in the journey in a special way that only a few truly understand.  Thank you to the aunties that sent the kids care packages and saw them in a way that only an auntie really can.  Thank you to those who sent help to buy books every semester and to our Table Talk group who brought life and energy and authenticity every time we gathered in our home.  Thank you to you who traveled from near and far to stay and eat and know and experience a slice of our life here in this space.  Thank you to those who saw us through dark places and long nights and to grandmas that pray every single day for each one of us.  And on, and on, and on.

And to God be all the glory.


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