Back in the classroom – take two

I’m not sure what happened, but my original post is nowhere to be found. So, here goes take two 🙂

This month Julio and I have spent a majority of our time teaching. We have both actually physically been back in the classroom, in-person with students and it is wonderful. I was invited to teach an intensive course on Christian Formation for students from the Covenant churches that are pursuing further study at the Ministerial Institute of Medellin. As much work as it was to put the syllabus, class plan, and teachings together, it brought me joy. I love teaching, particularly on the theme of Christian Formation. I was thrilled to be invited to facilitate this 16 hour course.

We met 2 Saturdays, for 8 hours each time. There are 16 people taking the class and I appreciate the way each of them engaged with the learning materials and each other. I designed the class time to be participatory and engage all different learning types. We studied Scripture together, dialogued in small groups, created collages, practiced spiritual disciplines, shared out of our own experiences. I’m so grateful for the oasis that is the Biblical Seminary of Medellin in the middle of the city and for the opportunity to practice solitude and offer a mini-retreat as part of the course.

Julio also has been back in the classroom in person, teaching at the seminary, as well as online. He continues to meet with several indigenous pastors weekly to walk through the theology of the Old Testament with them. I think it is one of the highlights of his week. This past week I kept hearing Julio’s joyful laughter, as more than a class this is a time of deepening friendships.

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