Support Information

If you feel God is calling you to join with us in prayer and/or financial support, please use one of the following options.

Option 1 – Electronic Funds Transfer (monthly)

  1. Download the electronic funds transfer form that will automatically allow your financial support to be transferred monthly from your bank account to our account in Covenant World Mission. Note: Where it asks for account name/number to credit write “Julio and Katie Isaza Support.”
  2. Mail in the filled-out electronic funds transfer form to the address below.

Option 2 – Online giving (one-time or recurring)

  1. Online giving can be set up at: 
  2. This allows gifts to be made with credit/debit cards or online checks. There is a small fee involved in this method of giving.

Option 1 – Mail in check

  1. Write out a check to “Evangelical Covenant Church” with “Julio and Katie Isaza support” on the memo line.
  2. Mail in the support card and check to the address below.

Evangelical Covenant Church
Attn: Isaza Support
P.O. Box 773420
Chicago IL, 60677-3420

We also encourage you to check out the different ways that you can support projects of the Colombian Covenant Church in Colombia. Click here to see the ways that you can partner with projects in Colombia

*All gifts given for support are tax deductible.

*If you would like to give a personal gift that is not tax deductible you can send it to the address above. Make sure the check is clearly marked as personal gift.


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