About our Family


Julio and Katie

When we first met in December of 2002, it was our common call to serve God and others in cross-cultural settings that drew us together. Little did we know how God would take two people from very different backgrounds and cultures (countryside of Colombia and suburbs of Minneapolis), but with the same passion for Jesus, and bring us together in marriage and ministry.


Youth and Young Adults in Colombia

 After we were married in 2004, we had the opportunity to live in Medellin, Colombia for two years, working with the Evangelical Covenant Church in the areas of youth leadership development, children’s ministry, and the development of social projects that focus on reaching out to the children and teens in the community. These two years deeply impacted our lives as we had the opportunity to see first-hand how lives were being changed because of the good news of Jesus and new leaders were being formed.

In 2006 we moved to Chicago, Illinois, where Julio was a full-time student at North Park Theological Seminary, pursuing his Masters of Divinity and Katie worked for the Department of Christian Formation of the Evangelical Covenant Church and serving in the areas of children and family ministry, as well as Hispanic ministry. While in Chicago we were blessed by New Community Covenant Church, which became our extended family in Chicago and our sending church as we returned to Colombia.

We have two sons and are so thankful for these wonderful little boys who keep us moving and laughing!


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One thought on “About our Family

  1. Great to hear all that is happening “down south”!!!
    So do you speak only Spanish in your home or is it half & half? How do you say, “WOW look at that pancake!” in Spanish?
    Was looking for a new family picture to put in our Pictorial Directory…
    I’m sorry to hear you were sick for so many days–did you pick up the flu bug while home? Glad to hear you are now better.
    Many blessing for the Isaza family as you persevere through the obstacles this month.
    Marcia & Community Covenant Church (St. Louis)

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