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Have you had that experience where something used to be so routine before the pandemic, but now a year and a half later you feel out of practice? That’s what I felt a couple weekends ago. Up until March 2020 we were constantly hosting people in our house for a meal, a meeting, an overnight stay. Then Covid-19 hit and all of that changed. Over the past few months we’ve started hosting a few friends for a meal or coffee. However, no groups. That changed when we invited the leaders of the Faith and Displacement ministry of Fuente Salvacion Covenant over for lunch and a meeting one Sunday afternoon.

I was so excited and at the same time nervous. What do I make for lunch for a group of 8 people? What do I need to do to get ready? It was like I forgot how to host. Something that was a no-brainer before, now seemed strange. And yet when everyone showed up and we sat at the table it felt like no time had passed. How good to share a meal together and laugh!

It was encouraging to see the work they have done through a program at the seminary that helps church leaders understand the situation of displacement in the country and the practical ways the church can serve alongside those who have been displaced. After a year of studying together, these leaders are reaching out into a community not far from where the church meets. They are getting to know the community leaders, hearing their stories. These leaders and others in the church community have participated in several community activities. During this meeting they began planning to host novenas (9 days of reflection and celebration leading up to Christmas) for the children.

I’m grateful for each of them and for the opportunity to learn from them and serve with them. I’m also grateful to be able to host them once again and to eat a meal together sharing around the table. Please pray for this group of leaders and the community leaders as they continue to develop relationships and see how they can best serve the community.

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