Celebrating 16 Years

That’s right! Casa Hogar de Paz (The Peace House) celebrated 16 years of ministry and we were able to be present for the celebration.

The Peace House is a ministry of Shalom Covenant Church and it is located up in Guarne, about a 40 minute drive from Medellin. During the past 16 years, The Peace House has been a safe space for over 50 boys who have had the opportunity to live there. Some stay for a year, while others have lived there for several years depending on their family situation. The ministry started as the church was serving in a displaced community in Granizal. They met parents and grandparents who shared concern for their sons and grandsons who were at-risk for leaving school, joining gangs, getting involved with drugs, etc. The social context of the community, as well as the lack of resources for children, and the obligation of finding work to sustain the family, meant that some children spent a lot of time alone.

And so Casa Hogar de Paz was born, as a way of supporting families and their children. Yodman was one of those boys, who participated in the program during the first year of its existence. Now, today he is living at the home as a house parent to the boys. Stay tuned for more of his story.

Yodman, at one time lived at the house as a boy, now he serves the boys as a house parent.

The Peace House can house up to 15 boys ages 5-13 years old. The boys live at the home and are served by house parents, a counselor, staff who cook the meals, different tutors and people from the church who volunteer their time. They go to the neighborhood school and receive education. At the same time the church works with the families, offering services that strengthen their ability to offer a safe home for their children to return to. The families visit and call, and on vacations the boys go home to be with them. At this celebration many of the parents and grandparents came to celebrate and show their appreciation for the support of this ministry.

The transformation in the boys is notable as they receive a safe place to live, loving care, help with school, and opportunities for growth in different areas like sports and music. Santiago, who is 13 and will leave the house as he finished elementary school this December. He shared how much he loves The Peace House. Harry was another of the older boys who shared how much he loves living there and how thankful he is to everyone who cares for them.

One of the older boys shared his experience and thanks as he prepares to return to his home

Harry also wanted to share some words.

The celebration included a song the boys had prepared, a drama based on the good samaritan, games to play with the children and their families, a delicious lunch, cake, and more. We were honored to participate!

Click here to hear the song they prepared! The peace house boys singing.

Acting out the parable of the Good Samaritan

Playing games together

Alejandra serves as the coordinator of house.

Pray for Casa de Paz as this weekend they will be meeting with a group of 15-20 alumni, boys who lived at the house and are now living back in their communities. Many of them have finished high school, some have started families. This is one area that the ministry has wanted to strengthen and these are some of the steps they are taking to maintain relationship with the boys when they leave the house.

To support Casa Hogar de Paz and other ministries of the Covenant that support at-risk children, you can give through Covenant Kids Colombia. (Designation Colombia)

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