I saw water!

It may seem like a simple thing, walking by a stream, but for me yesterday it felt like a breakthrough and an answer to prayer.

For someone who has always been drawn to water (lakes, oceans, river), I miss having water nearby. I love the beautiful mountains where I live, but I miss seeing water. With the strict quarantine that has been in place for the past 5 months, it has been impossible for me to go to some of the nature reserves that are a 15-30 min. drive from our house, where I usually go when I need the refreshment that being by water brings. It has been one of my biggest prayers – that restrictions would lift enough to be able to see water again. It has literally been the cry of my heart.

One of my favorite parks which has been closed due to quarantine. Dreaming of the day I can go back here…it’s only 25 min. from our house.

So yesterday, on my assigned day to go out, after I got my grocery shopping and other errands finished a friend suggested we meet and go for a social distancing walk. She said near where she lives there is a stream and a lovely area to walk. And so it finally happened after months of waiting – I got to see and hear running water. It wasn’t the cleanest creek, but it was surrounded by lush vegetation and was running quickly from all the rain water we have gotten. It brought me to tears. It felt like such a gift, such an answer to prayer. Something that felt so out of reach, that at times I’d given up hope would happen, was actually happening. I got to see water!! Those few minutes by the creek were sacred. God was present and I felt such gratitude. Hoping that I will be able to be by water again soon and that it won’t be another 5 months. God has truly been sustaining me in these challenging times. I have felt my spirit renewed in new ways. Still, I am forever grateful for this day and for the simple act of being able to walk by a creek.

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2 thoughts on “I saw water!

  1. Reminds me of Psalm 23, even tho the Psalmist talks about quiet waters. “He leads me beside quiet waters, He refreshes my soul”. God refreshes our souls as no one else can. Thanking God for refreshing yours.

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