A unique opportunity to share together

One of the things I most enjoy is making cookies and sharing them. It has become expected that when there is an event or when people come over to our home there will be cookies. Because we haven’t been gathering, there really hasn’t been an opportunity to make cookies or share them, until this weekend.

The children’s ministry team at Fuente de Salvacion church decided to do a virtual gathering for children, to hear how they are doing, share an encouraging word from Scripture, and do a craft together. When we gather in person, we usually have a snack, so they thought, why not make sure each child receives a snack and then we can eat them together while we gather online. They decided to put together little treat bags, and asked if I would consider making cookies to include. Of course, I was honored. So I whipped up chocolate chip cookies, which were then received and put into little gift bags that one of the members of the church delivered to each family.

How fun it was to see the kids on Sunday afternoon, to share together and to enjoy cookies together. We know that this quarantine has been extremely stressful for children, as we are almost in month 5 of kids not being able to leave their homes. Pray that the gradually the restrictions would lessen so kids would be able to have more time outdoors, which is so incredibly important for their development.

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