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So I’m not going to lie, this month has flown by. I had intended to write a blog a week ago and I’m not sure what happened, but I’m just now sitting down to write. I wanted to give you a peek into a fun couple of days that I had in Barranquilla this month visiting the teachers from the FUSPA (Covenant Elementary Schools) schools. Over the years I have had the opportunity to spend time in Barranquilla with this talented and devoted group of educators and I always walk away from my time with them energized. I’ve loved the relationships I’ve been able to build with some of the teachers and am inspired as I experience their passion for teaching and learning.

The past years they have been focusing on improving the level of English that their schools offer and that means improving their level of English as the English teachers. So we have been able to partner with them through workshops, English resources, teams, etc. A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Barranquilla with our Serve Globally interns to participate in 2 full day English workshops. Ashley led the workshops and focused the learning on both grammar, vocabulary and practical resources like games and songs. It was a full two days, but the teachers were engaged and took advantage of the opportunity to practice their English. I’ve been impressed as some of them have started taking English classes weekly. Others have been practicing on their own and you can see their improvement and the new level of understanding. We sang and played and talked through crazy irregular verbs. I’m thankful for these small ways that we can partner with the great work that these teachers do.


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